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About the Company

APS Investment is mainly engaged in production and sales of tents, pavilions, and canopies. This is the new direction in construction which is characterized by speed and ease of construction, mobility, modularity, and unique aesthetics.

Our partners are world leaders in the field of textile architecture: Ferrari (France), Losberger (France, Germany), Membranbau (Switzerland), Vector Foiltec (Germany), and etc.

Tents are widely used in construction of:

  • • Sports facilities: indoor stadiums, grandstands, ice arenas, swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness clubs, etc.
    • industrial, warehousing, and office premises
    • parking places
    • hangars for various equipment
    • rapidly deployable hospitals, shelters
    • restaurants and cafeteria
    • tent circuses
    • As well as for public, corporate and family open-air events.

The Company regularly inspects the sold tents and provides after-sale services.

Advantages of tents:

  • • modern architecture
    • unique shapes and high aesthetics
    • speed and ease of construction
    • mobility: the possibility of multiple assembly / disassembly
    • modularity
    • resistance to temperature changes
    • seismic resistance
    • natural light through the whole surface of the roof
    • high quality of materials
    For the first time in Kazakhstan, the Company rents out the tents, pavilions, and canopies, the stage equipment and equipment for visual effects for various open-air events.

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